The new BoD convened as a body

By virtue of Article 2 par. 2 case (e) of Decision No 3/347/12.07.2005 of the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Commission and the prevailing stock market legislation, DUTY FREE SHOPS INDUSTRIAL, MANUFACTURING, TECHNICAL AND BUSINESS COMPANY SA. under trade name“FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP”, announces that pursuant to the company's Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Thursday May 26, 2011, the new Board of Directors convened and was constituted as a body as follows:

1.Dimitrios Koutsolioutsos, Chairman, Executive member
2.Kaiti Koutsolioutsos, Vice Chairman, Executive member
3.George Koutsolioutsos, CEO,Executive member
4.George Velentzas, A’ Deputy CEO & General Manager, Executive member
5.Emmanouil Zachariou, B’ Deputy CEO & General Manager, Executive member
6.Irene Nioti, Executive member
7.George Aronis, independent non- executive member
8.Epameinondas Dafermos, independent non- executive member
9.Jiannong QIAN, non- executive member
10.Ilias Koukoutsas, non- executive member
11.Ilias Kouloukountis, non- executive member
12.Zacharias Mantzavinos, non- executive member
13.Ilias Betsis, non- executive member

The duration of the Board of Directors will be terminated at 19.06.2014