Share capital increase

The Board of Directors of the company DUTY FREE SHOPS INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNICAL AND BUSINESS COMPANY S.A., under the trade name FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP announces to the shareholders the following:

The company's Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders on May 26th, 2011, decided the share capital increase of the company of an amount of EU 84.588.000, with the issue of 6.360.000 new common, dematerialized, registered shares with voting rights with nominal value of 0.30 each, with cash and with the preference right of the existing shareholders cancelled, which will be available for the companies under the name FOSUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED" and "PRAMERICA - FOSUN CHINA OPPORTUNITY FUND, LP".
The price of new shares is EUR 13.30 per share. After this increase, the share capital amounts to EUR 20,084,463 divided into 66,948,210 common, dematerialized, registered, voting shares, nominal value EUR 0.30 each. The total proceeds of the issue amounted to EUR 84,588,000. The difference between the issue price and the par value per share, amounting to EUR 82,680,000 in accordance with the law and the statutes, will be credited to the account "Reserve from issuing shares above par".
The Prospectus for the share capital increase of the company, as it was approved by the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on the June 24th, 2011 shall be available a)on the corporate web site ( and and on the internet web sites of the Athens Stock Exchange ( and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission ( b) upon request on the registered seat of the Company in printed version (23rd km Athens Lamia Highway, Ag. Stefanos Attica
On 22/06/2011 was registered in the Companies Register K2 - 5646 decision of the Minister of Economy Competitiveness and Maritime, which approved the share capital increase.
The Athens Stock Exchange today, 30/06/2011 approved the listing of 6,360,000 new common dematerialized, registered, with voting rights shares that resulted from the share capital increase.
From 4/7/2011 the 6,360,000 new shares will be traded on the ASE. From the said date, the trading price of the shares of the company in the Athens Exchange, will be adjusted in price under the Regulation of ATHEX, in conjunction with No. 26 decision of the Board of Directors ATHEX as applicable
The new shares will be credited on the date of commencement of trading in shares and securities accounts of shareholders in the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS)
For more information, the Shareholders should contact the Investor Relations Department of the company (tel. 210 96 99 586, Mr. Nicolas Anamourloglou, Agios Stefanos, Attica 30/06/2011).


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