Fractional shares settlement

DUTY FREE SHOPS, A CORPORATION OPERATING DUTY FREE SHOPS AND LARGE AND SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS, TECHNICAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY S.A., under the trademark FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP, announces that due to the share capital increase of the Company resulting from the merger through absorption of companies FOLLI - FOLLIE A.B.E.E. and ΕLMEC SPORT A.B.E.T.E., as approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company on 06.12.2010, fractional shares arose, which account for 4,396 shares. 
Pursuant to article 44 a of Law 2396/1996, along with the additions of article 53 of Law 3371/2005, the Company invites those Shareholders holding fractional shares either to dispose or to acquire the remaining fractions, in order to form whole shares until July 6th, 2011, when the six-month period prescribed by law will expire. 
By the end of this date, under the provisions of article 44a par. 2 of Law 2396/1996, in accordance with the No. 13/375/17.3.2006 decision of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Board of Directors, the remaining fractions will be sold, under the supervision of the Company, through the Athens Stock Exchange, under the permission of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the designation of the broker-member who will conduct the auction. The proceeds of the sale, benefit of all beneficiaries, will be deposited to the Deposits and Loans Fund. 
Further details, including the date of sale of fractional shares, the result, the commencement of the deposit to the beneficiaries of the proceeds and the necessary certification required for the collection of the amount from the Deposits and Loans Fund, will be announced by the Company in due time. 
For further information, shareholders may address during working days and hours at the investors services office of the Company (Tel.: +30 210 6269521, Ms. Ampoussidou).