Distribution of Dividend

We make known that the Shareholders’ Ordinary General Assembly of our Company, which was held, on June 25th, 2010 approved the payment of dividend of €0,12 per share, following a relevant suggestion of the Board of Directors.
At this amount will be added the dividend of own shares namely €0,000022 per share and therefore the total amount of the dividend per share will be €0,120022
Following the withholding tax 10% the net payable dividend per share is €0,108019.
By virtue of a decision of the same Shareholders’ General Assembly, beneficiaries of the dividend are the holders of shares at the closing of trading on 10th of August 2010.
From 6th of August, 2010 our Company’s shares will be negotiated without the right to dividend.
The dividend’s distribution will commence on 13th of August, 2010 through PIRAEUS BANK as follow
1. To the beneficiaries shareholders’ operators that have been given the right to receive dividend.
2. Through Piraeus Bank network of branches for the shareholders who have not provided or revoke such authorization.
After the 31-12-2010 the payment of dividends will be made only by the company at the 23rd km Athens Lamia highway, GR 145 65, Agios Stefanos.
For more information you may contact the company’s Investor’s Relation Dpt (Kasidiaropoulou Mantalena tel. 210 6241141)