Significant changes in voting rights

The "FOLLI-FOLLIE SA INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY " under the distinctive title Ā«FOLLI-FOLLIE GROUPĀ» announces, pursuant to N. 3556/2007 ( Article 14), respective information received on 31.12.2013 about significant changes in voting rights, which results in the following :

Reason for the notification: An important percentage change of shares and voting rights
Date of transaction: 27/12/2013
Corporate name of the person subject to the notification obligation  : FOSUN INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED
 Change in number of shares: On the above date FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.a.r.l., acquired through an OTC transaction from FOSUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 6.669.828 shares with voting rights representing 9.96 % of the existing voting rights . The FF Investment Luxembourg 1 is a 100 % subsidiary of FOSUN INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED and FOSUN INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED is 100 % subsidiary of FOSUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.
Following the above acquisition, FOSUN INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED now holds indirectly 13.85 % of the voting rights , ie 9,271,126 shares with voting rights indirectly , 6,669,828 shares with voting rights, namely 9.96 % of the share capital through the FF Investment Luxembourg 1 and 2,601,298 shares with voting rights, namely 3.89 % of the share capital through the FF Investment Luxembourg 2

This announcement constitutes regulated information and published in accordance with the provisions of N. 3556/2007.