The Company under the trade name “Folli-Follie Commercial Manufacturing and Technical Societe Anonyme” with the distinctive title “FF GROUP" announces today,  on the 9th of May 2017, pursuant to Law 3556/ 2007, Law 3340/2007 in conjunction with article 11 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission's Decision No. 1/434/3.7.2007, that Mr. Dimitrios Koutsolioutsos, President of the BoD of FF GROUP today 1.150.000 common nominal shares representing 1,7% of the total share capital of the company. This transaction was notified the same day to the Company according to article 13 of Law.3340/2005. After the completion of the transaction Mr. Dimitrios Koutsolioutsos will own 34,43% of the shares. The said transaction took place through a private placement to a limited number of foreign institutional investors. 

The price was agreed at €20 per share following an accelerated book building led by Credit Suisse. The entire value of the transaction amounts to € 23 million.

The company declares that through this private placement which took place today, the company succeeded in increasing its free float. Moreover, the access of foreign institutional investors confirms the investment community’s interest in the Group’s dynamic international expansion and further indicates confidence to the management’s strategy.