Economic Calendar (updated for the Capital Return)

The Board of Directors of the Company, during the meeting of July 21, 2014, decided on the cut-off date and the payment of the capital return (0.75 per share) that has been decided by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 20-6-2014.

Following the above resolutions on the above dates, the economic calendar for the remainder of the fiscal year is as follows: Shareholders’ entitled to receive capital return – record date: 25 September 2014 Cut-off date: 23 September 2014 (after 19 September, 2014, date of expiration of the futures contracts SME listed in the derivatives’ market, having underlying security the Company’s share).

Commencement of payment of the capital return: 30 September 2014 The capital return will be paid through Piraeus Bank. Through a new announcement the Company will inform the investors on the details and the procedure for the payment of the capital return.