Announcement pursuant to Law 3556/2007 (article 14, par. 3):

The company under the trade name “FOLLI-FOLLIE COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING AND TECHNICAL SOCIETE ANONYME”, under the distinctive title “FF GROUP” (hereinafter the “Company”), having received respective information in accordance with Law 3556/2007  from Fosun International Holdings Ltd. and Mr. Guo Guangchang on 31.10.2018,  announces that it has been notified by Fosun International Holdings Ltd. and Mr Guo Guangchang that internal transfers of shares with voting rights have taken place, although, Fosun International Holdings Ltd. retains the exact same indirect holding of 16,369% in the Company.

In particular, with effective date as of 29.10.2018, Fidelidade-Companhia de Seguros S.A. (a subsidiary of Fosun International Limited) transferred 12,500 shares with voting rights it held as the sole shareholder in FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.à.r.l. to Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fosun International Limited and controlling shareholder of Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited).

Hence, by virtue of the above acquisition, Fosun Industrial Holdings LImited holds an indrect holding of 13,887% of voting rights in the Company (corresponding to 9,296,758 shares/voting rights) and crosses the legal threshold of 10% of the voting rights in the Company, whereas Fidelidade-Companhia de Seguros S.A. no longer holds any shares/voting rights in the Company. Fosun International Limited held both directly and indirectly through its subsidiaries and controlled undertakings a holding of 16,369% of voting rights in the Company. The total percentage of voting rights held by the parent company of the controlling entities, Fosun International Holdings Ltd., in the Company is not altered.

The present announcement consists regulated information and is being published according to the provisions of Greek Law 3556/2007.