Announcement for change in voting rights

FOLLI-FOLLIE COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING AND TECHNICAL SOCIETE ANONYME S.A., under the tradename “FF GROUP”, having received respective information on 29.02.2016, announces, in accordance with Law 3556/2007 (article 14, par. 3), a significant change to the voting rights as follows:

Reason for Notification: Significant change of shares and voting rights

Date of notification: 29.02.2016

Date of transaction: 24.02.2016

Full name of the person subject to the notification obligation: FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.A.R.L.

Reason for Notification: Acquisition of shares and voting rights

Change in number of shares and voting rights: from 6.669.828 shares and 6.669.828 voting rights or 9,96%, FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.A.R.L. increased its stake above the threshold of 10%, thus after the transaction FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.A.R.L. holds 6.695.460 shares and 6.695.460 voting rights  i.e. 10,001%.

FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.à.r.l. is 100% subsidiary of Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited. Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Fosun International Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which is controlled by its major shareholder, Fosun Holdings Limited. In turn, the latter is a 100% subsidiary of Fosun International Holdings Ltd.

In the previous notification dated December 31, 2013, it had been disclosed that Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited held indirectly 9.271.126 shares with voting rights representing 13,85% of voting rights in the company. Following the acquisition of 25.632 shares in the company by FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.à.r.l., Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited currently holds indirectly, through FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.à.r.l. and FF Investment Luxembourg 2 S.à.r.l., voting rights representing in total 13,89% of voting rights in the Company. Thus, no notification obligation is created on Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited or any of the undertakings which control directly or indirectly Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited due to the fact that the change in the aggregate percentage of voting rights held indirectly by Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited, as a result of the above mentioned acquisitions, is less than 3% and the threshold of 15% of the Company’s total voting rights is not crossed. For the same reason there is no notifiable change in the indirect holdings of Fosun International Limited, Fosun Holdings Limited and Fosun International Holdings Ltd. in the Company.