Announcement for change in voting rights

FOLLI-FOLLIE COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING AND TECHNICAL SOCIETE ANONYME S.A.", under the tradename "FF GROUP", having received respective information on 25.6.2015, announces, in accordance to Law 3556/2007 (article 14, par. 3), a significant change to the voting rights as follows:

Reason for Notification: Significant change of shares and voting rights

Date of notification: 05.10.2015

Date of transaction: 01.10.2015

Full name of the person subject to the notification obligation: GIC Private Limited (GIC).

Reason for Notification: Acquisition of shares and voting rights

Change in number of shares and voting rights: from 3.357.363 shares and 3.357.363 voting rights or 5.0149%, GIC Private Limited (GIC) decreased its stake below the threshold of 5%, thus after the transaction GIC Private Limited (GIC) holds 3.345.284 shares and 3.345.284 voting rights  i.e. 4,9968%.

GIC is acting as the discretionary investment manager in managing the foreign assets of the Government of the Republic of Singapore (GoS) and Monetary Authority of Singapore. GIC may at its discretion, invest, purchase and sell investments, carry out investment activities or exercise voting rights attached to shares purchased for GoS without prior authority from GoS.

Τhe present announcement consists regulated information and is being published according to the provisions of Law 3556/2007.