FOLLI FOLLIE S.A.: Updated Economic Calendar 2015

FOLLI FOLLIE S.A.: Economic Calendar 2015 (updated for the Capital Return and distribution of Tax Free Reserves)
The Board of Directors of the Company, during its meeting of September 04th ,2015 decided on the cut-off dates and the payment dates:
a) Of the capital return € 0,19821526131 per share that has been decided by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 26th, 2015.
b) Distribution of tax free reserves pursuant to article 72 paragraph 12 of tax law 4172/2013, as decided by the Extraordinary General Meeting on December 29th, 2014. The net distributable amount of the untaxed reserves amounts to € 0.10052312165 per share. This amount is not subject to further taxation of the shareholders or the company as it has already been paid by the company independently at an applicable tax rate of 19% with consequent depletion of any further tax liability.

Following the above resolutions on the above dates, the economic calendar 2015 is as follows:
Shareholders' entitled for the capital return and the tax free reserves - record date: 23/09/2015

Cut-off date: 22/09/2015 (post 18/09/2015, date of expiration of the futures contracts SME listed in the derivatives' market, having underlying security the Company's share).

Commencement of payment of the capital return and tax free reserves: 29/09/2015 The capital return and tax free reserves will be paid through Piraeus Bank. Through a separate announcement the Company will inform investors on the details and the procedure for the payment of the capital return and tax free reserves.