Folli Follie Commercial Manufacturing and Technical Société Anonyme hereby announces, pursuant to article 6 para. 1 of L. 3340/2005, article 2 para. 2 (e) of the HCMC decision no. 3/347/12.7.2005, the ATHEX Rulebook and L. 3016/2002 on Corporate Governance, the election of four (4) members of its Board of Directors, who will be replacing four (4) recently resigned members of its Board, i.e. Messrs. Dimitrios Koutsolioutsos, Aikaterini Koutsolioutsou, Eirini Nioti and Vassiliki Anagnostopoulou.

Specifically, the Company hereby announces: a) the election of Mr. Narkissos Georgiadis as an executive member of the Company's Board of Directors and as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer, b) the election of Prof. Andreas Koutoupis as a non- executive member of the Company's Board of Directors, c) the election of Mr. Periklis Dontas as a non- executive member of the Company's Board of Directors and d) the election of Mr. Konstantinos Kefalogiannis as a non- executive member of the Company's Board of Directors.

It is noted that Mr. Nicolaos Kanellopoulos, in addition to his current responsibilities, will assume the position of Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors.

In view of these changes, the constitution of the Board of Directors of the Company is as follows:

  1. NICOLAOS KANELLOPOULOS - President, non-executive member
  2. GEORGE KOUTSOLIOUTSOS - Chief Executive Officer, executive member
  3. NARKISSOS GEORGIADIS – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, executive member
  4. EMMANOUIL ZACHARIOU - executive member
  5. PERIKLIS DONTAS – non-executive member
  6. KONSTANTINOS KEFALOGIANNIS - non-executive member
  7. ΖHANG HAOLEI - non-executive member
  8. GEORGIOS KYRIAKOS - non-executive member
  9. ANDREAS KOUTOUPIS - non-executive member
  10. PANAYOTIS ALEXAKIS – Independent non-executive member
  11. ILIAS PENTAZOS - Independent non-executive member

Short CVs of the new members of the Board of Directors follow:

Mr. Narkissos Georgiadis carries an extended experience for more than 20 years as Managing Director of multinational Daimler AG’ s subsidiaries (1998-2007) and CFO, Deputy CEO, and CEO of AthEX listed Hellenic Fabrics Group (2007-2016). Over the past 2 years, as a Consultant, he has led business transformation and development projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Pittsburgh, USA and an MBA from Manchester Business School, England.

Dr. Andreas Koutoupis [BSc (Honors), MSc, PhD, CMIIA, CIA, CICA, CCSA, CRMA, CCS] is a Chartered Internal Auditor and Certified Internal Auditor, as well as an Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing in the Thessaly University of Applied Sciences. He holds a BSc in Public Administration with a distinction (Panteion University, Athens, Greece), an MSc in Internal Auditing and Management (Cass Business School, City University, London-UK) and a PhD in Corporate Governance and Internal Controls with a distinction (Panteion University, Athens, Greece).  He is a member of the Greek Institute of Internal Auditors and his experience derives from the financial sector, where he has worked with the majority of the Greek Financial Institutions.

Mr. Pericles Dontas holds an MSc in Economics from Essex University, UK. He carries extended experience for more than 32 years in senior positions in Private Banking and Insurance Sector in Greece and abroad. He has worked as Business Consultant in KPMG Advisors S.A. specialized in Risk Management Consulting and Business Development. He has been member of the Board of Directors and Deputy CEO in EFG Eurobank S.A, in Poland. In addition, he has served as Vice President and Head of Bancassurance in AIG Life, one of the leading Insurance companies worldwide, and also held the position of the General Manager of ING Bank NV. for several years.

Mr. Constantinos Kefalogiannis
has served as an Advisor to four different Prime Ministers of the Greek Government in the areas of infrastructure, transport, networks, energy, justice, privatizations, banking & state-owned enterprises. Professionally, he has served in key management positions in major infrastructure investment & development projects, both in public and private sector, such as Suburban railway, Metro, Tram, Athens International Airport and Integrated Resort Casino, while he was a Board of Directors member of Hellenic Railways (OSE), Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), Hellenic Post (ELTA) and Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF). He is a Special Supreme Arbitration Courts member, resolving significant commercial disputes on concession agreements and a BoD Member of IBG (Investment Bank of Greece). Mr. Kefalogiannis holds a B.E. in Engineering Science and a Specialization at Aerospace Engineering from Hofstra University, N.Y, U.S.A.