Folli Follie Commercial Manufacturing and Technical Société Anonyme (“the Company”) hereby announces that, in order to safeguard and protect its activity, has filed an injunction measures application pursuant to article 106 a par. 6 of Law 3558/2007, as amended and in force, regarding which a provisional order has been granted.

The protection provided by the judicial authorities aims at maintaining the proper operation of the Company and at preventing any decrease of the value of the Company’s assets due to aggressive behaviors, with which the Company has been recently confronted, as well as enabling the Company to prepare – without any distractions – and propose a comprehensive restructuring plan, with a view to safeguarding its long-term sustainability in all areas of its operations.

It is noted that the predominant point of such plan is expected to be the complete restructuring of the Company’s financial operation to safeguard the interests of its shareholders, creditors, partners and investors and preserve all working positions.

The Company continues to cooperate with the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission and will revert with relevant updates concerning further progress of its planning.