Notification of article 13 Greek Law 3340/2005

By this present we hereby notify you according to provisions of article 13 of Greek Law 3340/2005 and pursuant to the relevant notification received by FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP on 28-06-2013, that on 28-06-2013 an Over-the-Counter transaction took place for the transfer of a block of shares of Mr. Georgios Koutsolioutsos issued by FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP, to a company of his own interests under the name of “REDECA WORLWIDE LTD”, which has its registered office in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.) of which 100% of shares is owned by himself and which is under his control. More specifically, the said block of shares included 1.340.000 common bearer shares of FOLLI FOLLIE GROUP, of a value of 15,47 Euro each.

Mr. Georgios Koutsolioutsos sent the above notification to the Issuer on 28-06-2013 based on article 13 of Greek Law 3340/2005, being a person exercising managing duties to it.

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