PRESS RELEASES | Aug 31, 2018

Shiseido: New Waso Masks

Inspired by Washoku, a traditional Japanese cuisine, WASO  incorporates exclusive technologies obtained through our latest  research.

In the same manner as Washoku, WASO respects the diversity  and wealth of nature, to bring out the natural goodness of each  ingredient.

In 2017, Shiseido launched the WASO skincare line. Comprised of 7 daily  skincare products, WASO is formulated to address the specific needs of young  adult’s skin, as well as boosting its resistance to daily stressors.

In 2018, Waso introduces two brand  NEW masks to visibly and instantly  rescue skin by resolving concerns  due to our daily environment and  lifestyle.

Reset  and  Recharge

Constant exposure to the stresses and strains of  modern living: late nights, overworking and  pollution can take its toll on your skin. Your skin,  as well as your mind, deserves a break.
A sanctuary of calm has been created using the  beauty of nature.

Introducing our new Purifying Peel Off Mask  and Beauty Sleeping Mask. Revive your skin  and leave it refreshed and ready for whatever life brings.