PRESS RELEASES | Sep 24, 2015

Monnalisa: Autumn/Winter Collection 2015-16

The 2015/2016 A/W collection has been inspired by landscapes. Landscapes depicting snowy capped mountain peaks, views of pristine nature and flower branches appear on sublimation printing in softly whispered colors. The collection also depicts contrasting urban landscapes and shiny skylines, as well as viewpoints of cities to be explored. Maxi-3D roses stand out on the tweed-like prints with a fun pop-up result. The shaped dresses are of supple flanel-like neoprene or lasered with a contrasting lining. The pencil skirts come with maxi prints and flared high waisted skirts can be worn with Bomber jackets of the 80s or enveloping bouclé jackets with dropped shoulders. The straight cardigans with side slits are combined with matching silk tops appearing in length. Reversible cardigans can be worn either way and are closed with laces. Trousers are highwaisted and straight or baggy...yet elegant, of unique plissé velvet and can be playfullly matched with knitwear which comes with microstudded profiles or asymmetrical georgette hems.  The “over” coats of checked fabrics recal cosy plaids and can be alternated to strictly faux furs that warm the heart. The baguette cut rhinestones are shiny and opaque yet definitely colored to enhance necklines, hems and yokes. The colors carry the soft hues and shades of nature– beige, oat, vermilion – or sea and sky color palettes – sky blue, cornflower blue, Persian blue, like the shades appearing in paintings of the nineteenth century as well as in clear winter days.   Fashion photography and art have been intertwined in a cheerful style of great power and as homage to the beauty of planet earth. 

The Bebè line (3-36 months) tells many sweet stories: one candy leads to another on “sweet” t-shirts combined to sugary houndstooth organza skirts; vermilion flower buds stand out on padded fabrics and matching extra soft lurex knitwear with a touch of animalier. The bon ton saphire blue  has been downplayed by vintage mini prints of the 60s. Finally, the most humorous theme of all is a rhinestone Tweety on fine platin colored satins brightened by flowers.

Prints:  what a passion! The Monnalisa Line  (ages 2-12) brightens warm cornflower blue or pastel pink bouclés  with all over rhinestones, matching them to prints depicting flowered vases. Venetian red and midnight blu for the maxistripes on taffeta or on tulle embroidered with threads of glacé wool easy to matched to any cardigan. Chanel fabric has been reproduced on nylon padded jackets with a suprising wool-like effect. The viscose jersey dresses come in elaborate strips that have been cut and then pleated. Impeccable woollen coats hide a long padded nylon coat, tone-on-tone, for a doube use and show dresses of flanel and damask-like neoprene.

Monnalisa Chic (ages 4-16) this line has been inspired by sophisticated paintings of the 1800s and features neoclassis elements reproduced with sublimation printing on silk and brocade fabrics, it also includes lace, plissé and gold coated inserts. Powder pink for crepe dresses and tulle skirts with roses and pearls appearing among the layers as well as the reddish-purple and grey of the high-waisted neoprene skirts or elegantly plisséd baggy pants. Tweed-like prints reproduced through sublimated printing on neoprene have been enriched with pop-up roses and crystal seeds shine over mélange knitwear. Cream and black are so classy.        

The Jakioo tween (ages 6-16 anni) is a young girl that loves wearing appealing neoprene dresses with postcard-like prints of romantic Paris, she may also choose a “Happy days” look with flared skirts and sweats displaying fun patches inspired by fast food. Her rock soul leads her to pick a Mongolian faux fur vest to wear over total black georgette dresses with appliqués of eco-friendly leather. She loves the mountains in winter and keeps warm with knitwear accessories and woollen microcardigans with graceful silk  flounces. 

Finally the FUN line for relaxed yet interesting leisure. Pastel stars adorn the Bebè line while camouflage prints with pop-up butterflies appear  in the junior line.

Hitch-Hiker  - Autumn/Winter Collection 2015-16

The 2015/2016 A/W collection for boys aged up to 12 is dedicated to landscapes. 
Sublimation prints depicting snowy views and clear pictures catching the gaze of free and proud animals, portraying profiles of indomitable Apache chiefs or showing hot-air-balloons leading to extraordinary adventures around the world, characterize the collection.
The “over” coats are as comfortable as warm plaids, jackets are informal and destructured, the shirts are of candid poplin and polo shirts have interesting details. 
The dry and iconic trousers perfectly match and complete a sophisticated yet comfortable style for a stylish traveler.