PRESS RELEASES | Aug 09, 2019

Links of London: New Collection Wildlife Charms

From the flowers of ancient woodlands to birds found on windswept estuaries, the delicate beauty of the British countryside is captured in Links of London’s new Wildlife Charms collection of 12 species that are native to the UK.

Each charm is brought to life using meticulous handcraftsmanship and materials chosen to replicate the nuanced colours and textures of the natural world: from the hand-applied enamel of the puffin’s iridescent plumage to the hand-etched rose gold-vermeil fur of the red squirrel.There is an animal or flower for each month of the year and the realistic representations carry the age-old spirit of the hedgerows, wild meadows and woodlands where they can still be found.

Choose the one that calls to you: the red stag for strength and empowerment; the butterfly as a symbol of personal transformation; or the brown hare to represent positive energy and good fortune. To complement the charms, a limited-edition Linked bracelet has been designed using sterling silver oval links which are lightweight yet scaled up for a sense of impact. The length is adjustable to be worn as a bracelet or anklet and it’s engineered so two Linked bracelets fit together to create a necklace.

Tortoiseshell Butterfly 18kt yellow gold-vermeil, black diamond, sapphire and enamel charm
The butterfly is a symbol of personal transformation and Britain’s native Small Tortoiseshell species is recognisable by its distinctive patterns which are engraved in 18kt yellow gold vermeil on both sides of this handcrafted charm. Translucent enamel recreates the natural colours; it’s accented with black diamond and sapphire stones; and contrasting highly polished and sandblasted finishes contribute to the realistic impression. Wear it to bring a vivid note of natural prettiness to your repertoire.

Bluebell sterling silver, enamel and white sapphire charm
This sapphire-framed, sterling silver charm depicts Britain’s rare native bluebell species which is found in ancient woodlands and seen as a symbol of humility, gratitude and love. Violet blue enamel on both sides of the petals replicates the flower’s appearance in the detailed manner of Victorian botanical illustrations. Style it on a long, delicate chain necklace for a look that’s in tune with fashion’s demure mood.

Brown Hare 18kt yellow gold-vermeil and enamel charm
The brown hare is known for its speed, agility and good fortune and its character and quick movements come through in the realistic hand-engraved details of this charm. Note the intricacy of the whiskers, the black rhodium-plated tips of the ears and the translucent brown-ombre enamel that blends with the yellow gold vermeil on the chest. Slip it on a necklace or bracelet as an emblem of positive energy.