PRESS RELEASES | Mar 22, 2021

Folli Follie: New anniversary capsule collections “Historia” and “Psyche”

It’s the soul that marks history; it’s the inner strength that springs from within us that leaves its mark. In celebration of 200th anniversary of the Greek Independence Day, Folli Follie introduces two unique, heritage-inspired jewellery collections, that significantly mark a creative representation of our glorious past and our bright future. Designed by skilled artisans and named after the Greek words for history and soul, the two collections “Historia” and “Psyche” by Folli Follie evidently depict their name.

Exploring revolutionary style, Folli Follie creates limited edition jewellery pieces, dedicated to our inner strength, the driving force behind every heart, mind and soul. A feather pen, made of gold plated silver 925o, adorns the celebrational “Historia” necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring and pin, while the powerful symbol of togetherness, two hands holding tightly united, make up the “Psyche” jewellery creations. Available in various color combinations, such as silver and yellow gold, black and yellow gold or black and silver, with leather or chain details, the “Psyche” collection praise vigor and joined dynamic.

Discover now the perfect gift for you and your beloved ones to celebrate the dynamic figures, the renowned heroes who played a leading role in the Greek revolution. A fine memoire of our timeless strength. Happy anniversary!
    Nov 18, 2020

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