PRESS RELEASES | Apr 22, 2019

Folli Follie: "Make her bloom. Happy Mother’s Day!"

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it’s high time to settle on that perfect gift that all moms around the world undoubtedly deserve. Discover the flower that will make her heart flourish all year round with the new jewellery collection by Folli Follie, Bloom Bliss.

A unique gift specially dedicated to the most beloved mothers & daughters of the world. Spring has sprung, so our new designs follow this season’s trend introducing two beautiful daisy necklaces, in small and medium size, made of rose gold plated stainless steel with lilac enamel dot in the center and another one covered entirely in lilac enamel. A stylish pair, that complements one another, just like the bond between mothers & daughters.

Pick one for her and one for you to create a stylish yin and yang moment with your mom. And just like that “Like mother, like daughter” becomes our forever favorite compliment!