PRESS RELEASES | Sep 03, 2015

Folli Follie: AW 2015-16

This season, Folli Follie unveils the dawn of a new communication era with a revolutionary perspective on style. Discover the official Folli Follie “Window to the World,” the ultimate portal between the brand’s universe and its consumers. Acting as the window itself, Folli Follie becomes a prism through which everything feels more dynamic and fantastic. The views Folli Follie chooses to show through the window elevate the aspirational, luxe and fashion-forward world the brand is known for, always with a touch of the surreal and crazy spirit fans adore. With its Window to the World, Folli Follie embarks on a bold new series of style adventures across all platforms, inviting its followers to join the mission of inspiring and influencing the fashion utopias of tomorrow.
The Santorini Flower Collection
Discover the exclusive Santorini Flower collection this season. Inspired by the magical sunrise on the island, the collection’s unique emblem adorns each of its handbags, jewels and watches. Luscious textures, radiant metals and stones, brilliant autumn hues and fresh silhouettes shape one of the most iconic collections yet. Each piece acts as a part of the brand’s window, carrying the unforgettable feeling of the Mediterranean sun to the everyday looks of Folli Follie women worldwide.
The Campaign
The Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign launches the style odyssey of the Window to the World. In the first chapter, join the chic, cosmopolitan Folli Follie woman as she travels in an amazing and mysterious flying vessel over the island of Santorini, the inspiration behind this season’s key collection. Her window reveals the island’s majestic landscapes and awe-inspiring seasides through the Folli Follie prism, as they have never been seen before. Her jewels and accessories perfect her look during each stage of the journey, showing off the beautiful Santorini flower pieces. Explore the campaign and experience first-hand the energetic and optimistic effects of what is viewed through the Window to the World.
The Brand
With more than 650 points of sale in 30 countries, Folli Follie’s provides today’s global consumer with high-quality fashionable accessories at an affordable and accessible price.

Come, look through the Folli Follie Window to the World, and see what wonders are to be found. After all, the future is full of uncharted style.