PRESS RELEASES | Feb 01, 2017

Dolce&Gabbana: Beauty Make Up Collection for Spring 2017

The Tropical Spring Look - The Campaign
The official Tropical Spring campaign look is made with “Tropical Coral” Blush mixed with Creamy Illuminator in “Rosa Del Mattino” on cheeks, Passion Duo Lipstick in “Tropical Coral” on lips.
On the eyes the radiance of the Eyeshadow Duo in “Tropical Coral” becomes even more precious, emphasized by the “Gold” Eyeliner and Passioneyes Mascara in “Nero". And for the ultimate touch of elegance, shimmering nails painted with The Nail Lacquer in “Beach Sand” that sparkle endlessly.

Tropical Coral
Like an ode to the sun, Tropical Coral combines the splendor of red and the aura of orange.
Incandescent in The Blush’s bright orange that makes cheeks glow with the fire of passion.
Magnetic on lips with a sweep of coral red Passion Duo Lipstick and its iridescent golden heart, as an exotic Hibiscus flower. Captivating in the Eyeshadow Duo combination of vivid red and a wash of coral pink flecked with gold. Unforgettable when the Nail Lacquer coats nails in its inimitable coral red radiance.

Tropical Pink
Joyful, daring and glamorous in turn, but always seductive: all shades of pink are needed to express the Tropical Pink vibration of an exotic mood. From The Blush’s shocking pink that cheerfully illuminates the cheekbones, to the vibrant pink of Passion Duo Lipstick that sets off a radiant smile.
From the Eyeshadow Duo’s combination of tender pink and striking purple that brightens the eyes, to the magenta flash of The Nail Lacquer in “Passione”: the final touch for a tropical pink look.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Signature
As highlighter, the Creamy Illuminator in “Rosa Del Mattino” emulates the sun’s fabulous glow on the skin. On the lips, the purple stain of Passion Duo Lipstick in “Satin” proves that you can be bold and wear intense shades in spring. The provocative The Khol Pencil in the iconic “Dahlia” shade and Passioneyes Mascara in “Nero” arouses feminine sensuality. Then a touch of the “Gold” Eyeliner is applied on the eyes. When it comes to nails, it’s impossible to choose between the mysterious The Nail Lacquer in “Amethyst” and “Beach Sand”, an original polish that captures the fascinating glints of the sun’s rays playing on the sand.