PRESS RELEASES | Sep 20, 2018

Boss: The Scent Parfum

BOSS Parfums unveils its next chapter in the story of seduction: BOSS THE SCENT`s new campaign explores seduction in the digital age and the transcendental power of the fragrance.
Can you truly connect with someone you have never met? Is it possible to feel close to another person without knowing them in real life? Though we live in a virtual world, where we meet, talk and socialize behind a screen, this only takes us so far. It is only in real life that the senses can intertwine. Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell.
The truth is, nothing competes with the chemistry created in real life. We cannot stay behind our screens any longer. We must disconnect and act on our impulses.

BOSS Parfums debuted its definition of seduction in 2015 with the introduction of BOSS THE SCENT. In its truest form, seduction is a two-way encounter. A journey that begins with the simple act of getting closer, it is the influence and intensity of the fragrance that sparks a mutual attraction. Continuing this story, BOSS Parfums’ new campaign illustrates the transcendental power of BOSS THE SCENT, surpassing borders and igniting our deepest desire to connect in the real world.

The campaign will be brought to life by talented new fragrance ambassadors actor Jamie Dornan and model Brigit Kos. In a film by Drake Doremus, the pair will take on the roles of the BOSS man and woman, as they experience an augmented sensuality. Triggered by the sensorial power of BOSS THE SCENT, they begin their encounter behind VR masks. Despite this barrier, they connect. The physical chemistry between them grows. Easing their transition from one world to the other, BOSS THE SCENT acts as the bridge between the virtual and real. As their senses intertwine, they get closer until they realize they must detach from their virtual realities to connect in the real world. As part of the new chapter, a multi-platform digital campaign will challenge consumers to disconnect from their screens to reconnect with their senses. To create memorable experiences that combine the virtual and the real on their own journeys of seduction.

Aphrodisiac twists of the original fragrances, BOSS THE SCENT Private Accord For Him and For Her are built on a base of alluring Cocoa Absolute.
Enhancing the carnal quality of the mysterious Cocoa Absolute, perfumer Bruno Jovanovic infused BOSS THE SCENT Private Accord For Him with sophisticated Mocha. Combined with exquisite notes of Ginger and exotic Maninka fruit, the senses are seduced. The precious dark amber liquid is encased within a flacon finished with a brown metallic cap.
Crafted by perfumer Louise Turner, BOSS THE SCENT Private Accord For Her features notes of sweet Mandarin and captivating Osmanthus flower to enrich the irresistible charm and dark appeal of the Cocoa Absolute and sensual Roasted Tonka. An exemplary choice, the scent is presented in a glass flacon featuring an elegant amber gradient.