PRESS RELEASES | Mar 11, 2016

Annick Goutal: Rose Pompon

The crossed destinies of two perfumers
Camille appreciated the work of Philippine Courtière for a while, and she wanted to collaborate with her for the creation of the new Annick Goutal perfume. Both their parents introduced them to the universe of perfumery during their childhood.
They share the values of a family tradition, with a destiny of perfumers although they began their careers as a photographer for Camille and a lawyer for Philippine. The purpose of their collaboration was to compose a fresh and playful rose, a unique scent inspired by new horizons.
Named Rose Pompon, this creation is an olfactory ode to the two perfumers’ joie de vivre.

An addictive freshness
Rose Pompon reflects Annick Goutal olfactory creations, with a bold and modern twist.
It is the joyful interpretation of a new and luminous rose where the spicy notes of Pink Pepper mingle with the bright and green sparkle of Blackcurrant before opening out with the velvety notes of the Raspberry.
Its heart notes carry a duo of roses extracts composing the Rose Pompon (Centifolia), a garden rose with a thousand petals, delicate and precious. First, the Bulgarian Rose essence, chosen for its luminous and green facets evokes the freshness of a rose at dawn.
Then, the Taïf Rose, a rare flower with a suave and sensual scent offered by its fruity, syrupy facets.
Finally, a hint of Peony envelops the notes with an ethereal sensuality. A playful and addictive composition warmed with woody Cedar and powdery Patchouli, followed by an exquisite note of White Musks.
Rose Pompon Eau de Toilette, ribbed bottle, 50 ml (1.7 Fl.Oz) & 100 ml (3.4 Fl.Oz)

The Rose Manifesto
Rose Pompon has worked its magic on the iconic ribbed bottle, adorned here with shades of pink lacquering.
The packaging reflects the work but also the bold and creative universe of the great photographers Camille Goutal admires so. The Annick Goutal House has imagined a new woman, charming and mischievous, the Rose Pompon woman who attracts attention and makes everyone smile, hiding behind her extravagant flower. A sketch combining strokes of black pencil and the exuberance of a dazzling rose, embodying the woman for whom Camille and Philippine created this made-to-measure fragrance.