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Annick Goutal: Les Absolus

In tune with their ingredients
Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen love listening to the murmur of their raw materials. In their laboratory, brimming with bottles and ideas, the silence is filled with the first notes of a fairy tale of aromas. Just unscrew the cap on a concrete: a princess with bejewelled hands springs forth. The Annick Goutal House has created a collection based on this authentic relationship with raw materials. This family of precious absolutes pays homage to the ingredients, to the art of perfumery, and to their exceptional character. 
Oud wood. Vanilla bean. Amber.
Three aphrodisiac tales that plunge us into the heat of the Orient. Three fantasies that transform the skin and envelop it with unprecedented sensuality. Three perfumes to share.
A monument to chic
With its elegant minimalist form and rounded engulfing shoulders, the bottle, designed exclusively for the Collection Les Absolus d’Annick Goutal is avant-garde. When it catches the light, the two initials of the Annick Goutal House engraved in the bottom of the glass echo the golden, engraved metal of the cap. Wavering between a strict rectangular form and soft curves, the architecture of the bottle showcases the rare fragrance it contains. A precious nectar enclosed in a case of glass like an aura of crystal, with, at its centre, a metal plaque ranging from gold to black.

A bottle housed in a timeless box marked with elegance and modernity.

1001 Ouds
Annick, intrigued by the Arabian princesses who come to Rue de Castiglione asking for oud, has always been charmed by this incredible substance. She observed the traditional fumigations that women use to perfume their clothing before an amorous encounter. For Camille and Isabelle, who are fascinated with agarwood, this exceptional essence inspired a decidedly modern Oriental fantasy. Visualising a princess from the One Thousand and One Nights, draped with gold and precious stones, they crafted an ecstatic fragrance: a harmony of rose, papyrus, and myrrh infuses the wearer from head to toe. Oud is present in all of its authenticity, beating like a heart at the core of this fragrance. It fuses with the rose, is rounded out by the gaiac wood, vaporises with a touch of birch, and bites with a hint of pepper. The aroma is as sensual as it is refined.

Vanille Charnelle
Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen picture a milky bath: almond milk infused with vanilla beans in which you would immerse yourself before a meeting with your lover. A second skin that it would be a crime to cover. A declaration of femininity. The perfumers selected pepper to pique the curiosity of mystery, and ylang-ylang for its opulent and intensely feminine evocation. They then plunge the vanilla into tonka bean and white musk. A hint of vetiver adds dimension to the olfactory story. And again as always, Vanilla absolute, again as always: intriguing, captivating, the source of obsession. As enveloping as a lover’s arms, it makes itself indispensable. Instantly. 

Ambre Sauvage
Every Amber holds a secret. A composition sacred to the perfumer, Amber is not an ingredient that is harvested but a material that takes shape in our imagination. Inscribed in the oldest legends, in biblical accounts, and in the collective unconscious, Amber is one of the most carnal accords in perfumery. Indissociable from patchouli and resins, Amber is aphrodisiac and animalic. It was our perfumers’ desire to place their delicate Amber on a flying carpet. To see it take flight, they chose pink peppercorns and lavender for their icy, bursting effects. Then, with the carpet raised to the sky, they brushed it in both directions: the soft, refined texture of the velour with the iris and vanilla. Next, the fabric brushed against the nap, with the slightly rough texture of dark woods, styrax, and the camphorous vapours of patchouli. This Amber is rife with contrasts, as delicate as it is wild, and you will be eager to discover its many facets on the skin.