PRESS RELEASES | Jul 13, 2016

The first «Folli Follie Island Hopping» was completed with great success

Starting from the cosmopolitan Mykonos and having as a final destination the island of Tinos, among other Louise Roe, Lily May Mac, Sonya Esman, Nina Urgell Cloquell, Zina Charkoplia, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Patricia Milik-Peristeri, Sabrina Chakici and Claire Chanelle lived a luxurious lifestyle island hopping experience.
Folli Follie’s impressive accessories, watches and jewelry lifted up the inspired daily outfits of the 10 international fashion influencers, with which they chose to stroll around and be photographed using as a background the most beautiful and imposing Greek landscapes. The 10 international fashion influencers chose their favorite creations from the new collections of Folli Follie’s summer campaign "Silver Summer" and created the most updated looks, attracting the global interest of more than 8 million followers globally through their popular posts in their personal social media accounts. 
This digital activity, that first Folli Follie carried out in Greece in collaboration with the hotel management company Hotel Brain, had a strong presence not only in social media, but also at the official global website, where the brand’s fans were constantly and instantly being informed about the luxurious activities and the unique happenings that all 10 international fashion influencers experienced in the Cycladic islands.
Through a specially designed page on Folli Follie’s website (shopable Instagram gallery) exclusively dedicated to the 10 island trotters, all visitors had the chance to witness the adventures of the famous fashion bloggers and celebrities, to discover special styling tips, as well as to take advantage of exclusive daily offers and to buy online the jewelry, accessories and watches of their favorite fashion personalities. Every day and a unique experience, every day and a special surprise by Folli Follie to all women that love style and follow fashion.
The pulse of the most stylish summer beat in the Greek islands with Folli Follie and its new collections of jewelry, watches and accessories worshiped worldwide.