PRESS RELEASES | May 16, 2018

Shiseido: The new Shiseido Eau de Parfum Ever Bloom "Sakura Art Edition"

Sakura, celebration of the Japanese spring

Tokyo has nature in its soul.
All it takes is a stroll through the Nakameguro district, a trendy hub full of streets lined with art galleries and interior design boutiques, to see that flowers are all around, a form of "urban poetry".
Every year in early April, Tokyoites celebrate the sakura. They gather under the shade of the Japanese cherry blossoms that are known to bring good fortune.
The blossoming of this flower, at the heart of this concrete jungle, is reinterpreted in Shiseido's new fragrance...

Sakura, happiness in the present
"Give the ephemeral its eternity". This bold idea came from a perfumer who drew his main inspiration from the memory of a journey to Japan and his discovery of the sakura.
How can we honour this slender, fragile flower whose beauty is unparalleled, but whose lifespan is so short?
"I decided to start with an abstract impression of petals, which are brought to life by the woody scents, just like the wind as it begins to blow in the cherry trees", says perfumer Aurelien Guichard.
The formula, with its two accords, features the same minimalism as the haiku, which instantly translates a feeling of intense emotion:
The "Presence" accord: the elegant movement of a floral bouquet - orange blossom, cherry blossom and Bulgarian rose - unfolds across a bed of soft musk.
The "Radiance" accord: the green, floral burst of cyclamen blends with juicy black cherry, which at first surprises, then suddenly, instantly draws you in.

Sakura, art at the heart of creation
An alliance of nature and creation, Shiseido has long been interwined with the world of art. The new Shiseido Eau de Parfum Ever Bloom "Sakura Art Edition" is the result of a dialogue between different forms of creation: olfactory composition, design and calligraphy.
A new fragrance that builds on fresh notes that are as unique as they are sensual and leave a delicate acidulous scent that lingers.
The bottle, a sublime concentrate of femininity and modernity, has stayed true to that which first made it a success. It invites touch, ignores the rules of geometry, and takes on more free, enveloping shape. A silver sheen that gradually blends into an irresistible crystalline pink, like a Japanese cherry tree blossoming in the heart of the city.
On the outer packaging, a delicate flurry of cherry blossom petals, reproduced in ink by the Japanese illustrator and calligraphy artist Ohgushi, offers an oriental escape. The velvety feel of the petals invites the wearer to touch and further experience the fragrance.