PRESS RELEASES | Mar 23, 2018

Folli Follie Fragrances: a new Folli Follie era starts with Floral, Fresh and Spice.

Folli Follie is pleased to announce the global launch of the first collection of Folli Follie Fragrances, entering dynamically into a new market, the world of beauty. 

Exploring the endless possibilities of a full fashion concept, Folli Follie, the global lifestyle brand, found its way to the most feminine and alluring path of beauty. The brilliant journey of Folli Follie Fragrances started with the most vivid inspiration. The bright Greek heritage, the celebration of life and the essence of fulfillment and joy served as a guide for the creation of three unique fragrances: “Floral”, “Fresh” and “Spice”.

Attracting one of the most memorable senses, the scent, Folli Follie is infusing brightness into the world of beauty. Each of the fragrances tells a story. A Folli Follie girl chooses her scent according to her mood. A Folli Follie girl loves accessories, adores jewellery and falls in love with her perfumes. She loves to wake up “Fresh”, flourish with “Floral” all day long and end up feeling seductive with “Spice”. 
Your fragrance is everywhere. Hidden in your drawer, placed in your bag, standing next to your mirror and always in your heart! The most emblematic motif of Folli Follie, Heart4Heart, stands brilliantly on the fragrances luxurious bottle not only as a luminous decorative but as a sign where inside it is hidden the heart of Folli Follie. The luminous effect of rose gold reflects the inner glow of the fragrances, a common value of every Folli Follie creation from the famous jewelllery to the new feminine elixirs.
Every single ingredient of these new feminine elixirs plays its role to the final smell that radiates. 
“Floral” opens on fruity notes of blackcurrant and apricot, creating an exquisite and modern top. A powerful combination of sensual rose for feminine lingering effect and the warm intensity of vanilla leave a timeless signature.

“Fresh” opens on fruity sparkly notes of mandarin, apple and blackcurrant. White peach, peony and lily of the valley reveal a subtle femininity, while soft notes of musks create an unforgettable feminine trail. 
“Spice” opens on acidulous notes of bergamot and mandarin, while the heart reveals feminine notes of jasmine, coconut and carnation. Warm notes of benzoin are magnified by cistus, endowing this fragrance with an oriental signature. 
Let your senses lead you to the ultimate fragrant trip with Folli Follie. The new olfactory era challenges your desires, making your next Folli Follie Fragrance a personal statement.