PRESS RELEASES | Mar 08, 2018

Links of London: proudly unveiling Splendour Collection

The breathtakingly beautiful Splendour Collection is inspired by the pure grandeur of British gothic architecture, in particular Westminster Abbey and the star shapes that are a recurrent pattern on this historic building.

These new awe-inspiring jewels, an extension of the Links of London Diamond Essentials Collection, are carefully crafted from 18kt gold vermeil and sterling silver and are adorned with sparkling white diamonds.  New for March 2018 is the rose gold vermeil collection,  

Comprised of an assortment of classic pieces, the range is complimented with new unique designs, including hand-chains, ear-cuffs and double rings. The four pointed star shaped motif, taken from the gothic architecture appears in different guises, including fret-cut and crisscrossed options. Precious pieces with the perfect amount of sparkle.

Famously, this star is a symbol of truth and as English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously wrote: “the principle of the gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable” Meaning these pieces behold extra-special sentiment.