PRESS RELEASES | Oct 04, 2017

Folli Follie: presents the new Wonderfly collection

Butterflies always shared a special place in fashionistas' hearts all around the world. Folli Follie -in the know of what women of style truly love and are looking for- puts fashion’s favorite butterflies at the forefront, creating a special line of unique designs made of sterling silver 925ο.

Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets carry an identical pair of butterflies ready to astonish with their delicate design and luminous effect. Watches obtain an ethereal movement and an ultra-feminine side to their inner elegant design, as dials are decorated uniquely with the signature butterfly motif.  

Add a bespoke flair to your everyday looks simply by creating unique combinations with your favorite selection of jewellery and watches from the new signature collection by Folli Follie. Make the most beloved fashion symbols yours and let the wings of shine fly over your most inspired moments.