PRESS RELEASES | Sep 18, 2017

Boss Bottled: Be the Man of Today

One of the most iconic male fragrances of the last 20 years, BOSS BOTTLED launched the first Man of Today campaign to kick-start a global conversation about what it means to be a man in today’s world. Now, BOSS BOTTLED seeks to empower men everywhere to share and celebrate their varying ideals of success by consistently measuring each moment against their own set of codes. In doing so, BOSS BOTTLED will capture a snapshot of what this means today and how it has evolved.

The next chapter of the Man of Today campaign will be brought to life by new BOSS BOTTLED global fragrance ambassador and actor Chris Hemsworth, a man who consistently acts by his own codes of integrity and respect: “The Man of Today campaign is all about representing the idea that actions speak louder than words – a principle I've always tried to embody and live my life by. It's one thing to say you're going to do something but to back it up and do it is a whole other thing. It's an attitude that my parents bestowed upon me and an approach I hope to instill in my kids as well. It's about the qualities of honesty and integrity, which is a great message to be a part of.” Chris Hemsworth – BOSS BOTTLED ambassador.

Launching on 1 September 2017, the new iteration will build on the success of the first campaign to encourage men around the world to show they are a man of their word; a man of substance as well as style, every hour of every day. Three types of engaging visuals were created to capture the essence of the Man of Today.

With the TV campaign envisioned by renowned director Nicholas Winding Refn, a print campaign shot by photographer Nathaniel Goldberg and PR images by Frederic Auerbach, Chris Hemsworth is seen as the Man of Today in visuals set against the dynamic backdrop of a modern, urban skyline.

The elegant, woody accords of the fragrance reflect a complex structure that is as versatile and rich in contrasts as the man who wears it. Hour by hour, the scent unfolds and takes on a different quality that inspires and stays with the BOSS man throughout his day. The result is a fragrance which remains as contemporary and relevant today as it was at launch, a symbol of masculinity that has been effortlessly incorporated into the daily routines of men around the world.

To celebrate 2017’s Man of Today, BOSS Parfums will introduce a limited number of new BOSS BOTTLED Collector’s Editions available from September 2017.

As of September 2017 and throughout 2018, a multi-platform campaign will showcase a dynamic series of activations to move the Man of Today global conversation forward by engaging with global influencers who will share a snapshot of what being men of today means to them. In doing so, men worldwide will be encouraged to offer their own perspective, allowing BOSS BOTTLED to capture a truly global picture of what masculinity means to men today.