PRESS RELEASES | Aug 29, 2017

Shiseido: New Make Up Eye Collection

Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara

Shiseido’s new panoramic silhouette mascara cares for every single lash, bringing out their supreme length and curl, giving them multi-dimensional effect and unleashing their fullest potential.
The unprecedentedly lightweight, jet-black formula achieves panoramic volume with a beautiful silhouette.
Shiseido has developed an unprecedentedly light powder formula with voluminous effect. In addition, form-keep wax is formulated to maintain the boosted silhouette for long lasting effect
The unique brush, originally designed by Shiseido, bends to desired angles.
The panoramic brush rotates 360° and bends up to a 30° angle to reach even the tiniest and hard to reach lashes, lifting and fanning them out from their roots.
Gentle formula for eyes
No fragrance added 
Resist sweat. The just-applied finish lasts all day.
8 hours lasting
Can easily be removed using warm water. 

Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush

Inspired to make everyday eyeliner application savvier, smoother, more enjoyable, and more beautiful. Elevated to new heights of stability and point control. Each one handcrafted by Japanese artisans in Kumano, where the world’s most storied Japanese ink brushes are produced. An eyeliner brush for the artist in you. Inspiring you to draw the perfect line, every time.

Paperlight Cream Eye Color

Long known as a traditional craft item in Japan, washi paper has a unique and exquisite translucence that comes from the layering of mulberry fiber. Washi lanterns, or ‘paperlights’ translate the ambience of its surroundings into chiaroscuro (the effect of contrasted light & shadow), and gives it the warmth of the natural world.
Despite its matte color and texture, upon application of the Paperlight Cream Eye Color, you will notice the smoothness and delicate — light touch, just like washi paper. Whether sheer or layered for full vibrancy, Paperlight Cream Eye Color encourages experimentation and playfulness.

Nobara Pink   PK201
Sweet and bright pink. Nobara, the wild rose may look pretty, but is has its thorns. It is not only sweet. There is also coolness underneath. 
Shobu Purple   VI304
Stylish purple nuanced with a hint of blue. Japanese have adored Shobu, the Japanese purple iris, since the 17th century. It stands tall and blooms with a strong presence, exuding sophisticated beauty. 
Hisui Green GR705
Bright, soft green with a touch of blue. Hisui refers to jade which has been used for rituals since ancient times. (The oldest known use of Jade was by fortunetellers in prehistoric Japan.) Tinged with green and blue, the mystical color is mesmerizing, just like jade. 
Asagi Blue BL706
Dewy and bold, soft blue. A color traditionally used in Japan for centuries, Asagi is pale blue, dyed with Japanese Indigo. It is dewy and fresh, yet subdued in some way. 
Sango Coral OR707
Warm, soft coral. Coral has been used by many in jewelry and lucky charms. The mix of pink and orange is faint and calm, like coral nurtured by the great ocean. 
Usuzumi Beige Gray GY908
Natural, beige-gray that blends well with skin. Usuzumi is the faint color of diluted ink. Blending in like a drop of ink in water, the color looks natural and calm.