PRESS RELEASES | May 26, 2017

Folli Follie: presents the new limited edition jewellery collection Kk Cuban Dream Line

This time Folli Follie travels to Cuba and drives inspiration from this amazing place, presenting jewelery just like small summer oases! Influenced by the magic of this exotic and colorful island, Folli Follie presents turquoise shades that remind us of exotic seas, that along with the vivid coral color create a fresh summer symphony, framed by the ever-modern and timeless black.

The collection consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings with impressive and colorful motifs, with gold-plated silver and other special materials. A unique offering by Folli Follie for the most exclusively for outstanding personalities who want to make every look to stand out with this fashion statement collection, with bold yet simple and minimal lines.

In the spirit of the season, as usual, Folli Follie introduces modern chokers that are the latest trend of the season, necklaces and pendants with leather effect strings, chains and rosaries, suitable for every day, from morning until night. The collection is enriched with impressive earrings with colorful hoops and flowers, as well as modern bracelets. In the end, minimal black fans, which reflect the style of the collection, make every woman’s look unique.

Folli Follie combines, in its own unique way, tradition with innovation, combining precious and other modern materials. The result is nothing less than an impressive collection for women of all ages, who are being characterized by their unique and distinctive aesthetics! This kind of aesthetics is what makes Folli Follie always modern and also timeless.

Live every moment of this summer at the edge by giving yourself a unique look with the Cuban Dream Line of Kk Collection!