PRESS RELEASES | Mar 14, 2017

Escada Fiesta Carioca: 25 years of passion poured into one fragrance bottle

Revel in the pleasures of summer and bask in the happiness of life with ESCADA Fiesta Carioca; an overdose of passion that highlights 25 years of ESCADA’s Summer Limited Edition Fragrances. Inspired by Brazilian carioca and their unique zest for life and colorful festivities, ESCADA Fiesta Carioca houses fruity, floral notes that evoke lifelong friendships to rejoice in an endless summer. A tribute to ESCADA’s vivacious fashion heritage and to one of the perfume industry’s most successful summer fragrance lines, this monumental 25th anniversary Summer Limited Edition Fragrance honors the vibrancy of life.

Fiesta Carioca – The Fragrance
You will instantly be transported to a sunny destination and get the warm, sensational emotion that summer brings, as soon as you uncap the perfume.  ESCADA Fiesta Carioca first captivates your senses with a luscious Brazilian passion fruit accord and is surrounded by notes of succulent European red raspberry, a nod to the brand’s German roots. That passion continues to entice with a vibrant passionflower heart that’s blended with orange flower for warmth, reminiscent of the kiss of the summer sun dancing on your skin. The enchanting fruity-floral fragrance dries down to an alluring base of musk and cedar wood that adds an irresistible sensuality the ESCADA woman is known for. 

The Flacon and Illustration
The festivities begin the moment you pick up the bottle. Its iconic shape is colorfully designed with a tropical scene of leafy green and juicy blush shades. Adorned with bright, colorful passion fruit and passionflower blooms, the flacon hints at the passion overload contained within.

The coveted design showcases the beloved ESCADA Fiesta Carioca girl and her fellow heroines enjoying summer and friendship. “The ESCADA woman’s infectious spirit is truly inspirational. She’s the life of the party with her happy, confident and positive attitude,” said the creative illustrator, Inslee Fariss.  “This perfume is a celebration, not just of summer, but of 25 years of ESCADA’s Summer Limited Edition Fragrance collection, so it was important to me that the illustration reflected the brand’s energy and success.”

Unleash your passion with Fiesta Carioca – a celebratory scent that represents 25 years of passion, summer escapism and embracing the joys of life! #ESCADAFIESTACARIOCA