PRESS RELEASES | Oct 21, 2016

Shiseido: New Rouge Rouge Collection

It energizes the spirit and engages the senses. It boosts our enthusiasm, elevates our energy, intensifies our breathing and accelerates our pulse rate. It encourages action, heightens confidence and calms fears.
Historically, red symbolized fire and blood. It represents different things in different cultures; In China, it
brings luck and fortune. In India and Nepal, it’s the color of wedding gowns.

The power of red is strong in Japanese culture, representing happiness, health, good luck, protection, fertility and long life. Red Torii gates stand before sacred shrines, to turn away evil spirits, and strengthen spiritual forces within. From the silk of a kimono to the graphic red ball on the national flag, red carries deep meaning in every Japanese life.

Shiseido’s first cosmetic was a red lotion called Eudermine. Because of this, Shiseido became linked with the color red. 120 years and 7 reformulations later, this color connection is so deep, it is ingrained in Shiseido’s identity. Eudermine remains one of the company’s global bestsellers, and Shiseido’s signature red camellia logo still graces Shiseido’s packaging. Now, red is an important element in all of Shiseido’s global product lines, a renewed visual declaration of the company’s true color.

1. The new formula features a rich, creamy texture which adheres perfectly and evenly onto the lips, allowing the color, luster and moisture to become one with your lips.
2. Shiseido’s extensive color creation allows the individual to find a Shiseido red suited to their skin tone.
3. Formulated with oil that holds in water by reacting to the moisture in the breath and the air. Creates a beautiful luster, and keeps lips from drying.
4. Creates a smoother lip-line and defines the shape, making the lips appear more even.
5. Lasting 4 hour* finish.
6. Allergy-tested.**
7. Fragrance-free.

Extend the lipstick about 1~1.5cm, and apply directly to the lips or with a lip brush.
*Data acquired from external lab
**It cannot be guaranteed that no users will experience allergic reactions