“We Care”

The FF Group’s Corporate Responsibility scheme is based upon a wider strategic approach and is defined by the philosophy of each and every distinct company. Every corporate responsibility act is defined by the management’s commitments towards the employees, the shareholders, the clients, the suppliers, and the society at large. In a wider sense, these stakeholders constitute the family, in which the FF Group grows, operating with responsibility and respect.

The Group’s Corporate Responsibility scheme applies globally, in all markets that the company is present, confirming its respect to all the relevant communities and corresponding to each region’s needs. Taking always into account the diversity and particularity of each country of its operation, the Group develops and implements a holistic and focused Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, according to the basic axes that the Headquarters in Athens define. With the basic axes evolving around Culture and Sports, Society and Environment, the FF Group’s Corporate Responsibility Programme spreads through both a national and international level.