In FF Group, we provide continuous professional learning to develop our people and produce better results for our customers. Selling in today’s business environment has become increasingly challenging. We implement training programs to enhance our sales team’s skills in Fashion Business Unit through Integrity Selling & Integrity Coaching programs. 
More specifically, with Integrity Selling program, our people were introduced to a needs-focused sales process that can be successfully applied with a wide variety of customers. They learned to proactively plan for positive outcomes, recognize and adapt to different behaviour styles, build trust throughout the relationship, ask questions that provide competitive differentiation and sell value to everyone who influences the buying decision. They had the opportunity to share best practices and collaboratively work through challenges with their peers. The benefits received were in direct proportion to their desire to learn and willingness to incorporate the concepts in their daily selling activities.
Integrity Coaching program is designed to help our people develop coaching skills and apply them as they work with their teams. They also have an opportunity to increase their success consciousness and their ability to help people improve their productivity and performance. Through Integrity Coaching & Feedback our Store Managers learn the differences between people-focused and goal-oriented leadership styles and how to bridge the gap between the two as well as the importance of giving people a sense of purpose and challenging them to reach higher levels of performance. Integrity Coaching training program develops a coaching philosophy that builds confidence, competence, and ultimately, capability and potentiality.
Particularly, in Greece, during 2017 about 200 employees in Fashion BU have been trained in those specific areas and we are planning  new trainings by the end of 2018.