PRESS RELEASES | May 24, 2017

Molton Brown: New Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel into the Uncharted

Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts, awash the senses with sea-soaked adventure through their
new Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Collection.
Embodying boundless exploration into the uncharted, the fragrance captures a salt-sprayed collision of the ocean swell against rugged outcrops. As a marine scent crafted with the most unusual notes, this venturesome collection echoes Molton Brown’s own pioneering spirit.

The lead ingredient has been sourced from Cape York, Australia – a remote, largely unexplored and unspoilt
peninsula. The indigenous cypress oil known as ‘blue gold’ is the world’s only naturally blue essential oil distilled from a tree, which has then been unconventionally mingled with the salty breeze aromas of sea fennel, grown wild on the shoreline.

“I had in mind something fresh and tonic with unexpected elements. Classical marine notes with cold spices
interpret the colour blue, Australian sea fennel meets the land with intriguing, salt-sprayed cypress finished with waves of aromatic cardamom and jasmine.” Carla Chabert, Master Perfumer, Fragrances Essentielles
This dynamic coastal fragrance makes the perfect gift for the adventurous spirit.
    Nov 18, 2020

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