PRESS RELEASES | Sep 04, 2018

Molton Brown: Jasmine & Sun Rose

Molton Brown, London’s fragrance experts, beguile your senses with  a deltaic masterpiece – their new Jasmine & Sun Rose Collection.

Exquisitely delicate, yet exceptionally powerful, jasmine flourishes in the poised  heart of this unashamedly feminine fragrance. This picturesque white flower is plucked
from the banks of the Nile Delta at dusk in order to capture its peak intoxicating essence.

“This fragrance has been created as a beautiful painting – the ingredients have been mixed  like colours. Youthful blushes of raspberry and peach contrast with the floral brushstrokes of  bewitching jasmine and osmanthus. Labdanum and musk in the background create a smooth  canvas. In the end, you have a very harmonic expression.”
Virginie Daniau, Fragrance Expert

To illustrate this fragrance as a work of art, Molton Brown has collaborated with  internationally acclaimed British artist Rhea Thierstein. Inspired by what Rhea describes  as a “modern, feminine and playful” fragrance, she has created a symphonic collection  of ever-changing art pieces, capturing the duality of the lead ingredient, jasmine, and  the captivating Nile Delta.

The Jasmine & Sun Rose Collection is truly a celebration of fearless femininity.
    Apr 15, 2019

    Links of London’s new Orbs collection – shot on model Elfie Reigate by Laura Coulson against the ironwork structures of Kew Gardens – is an industrial and graphic take on renaissance; a directional reimagining of the freshwater pearl.
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    The new Wholehearted collection from Links Of London

    The new Wholehearted collection from Links Of London is a celebration of love, in all its myriad forms. Combining simplicity with considered details, minimalism with symbolism, the Wholehearted collection is as contemporary as it is enduring, as meaningful as it is stylish.