PRESS RELEASES | Oct 04, 2018

Desigual: Desigual Fresh World

he world is wishing for someone to open  up the bottle of brilliant ideas that will  enlighten all that was muted, past and dull.  To a more original, and maybe even  brazen, world!
To a world that wants to hear new words.

Desigual FRESH WORLD is Desigual’s  most brazen, fun, vibrant and energetic  fragrance.
A fragrance for a girl who is friendly, outgoing  and almost insolent because she proposes  crazy ideas. Urban and full of life. Healthy,
a girl who gets the most out of every moment  of life and loves doing things in the open air,  but in her city.

The colours of the box and the bottle are  an unusual mixture: striking proposals for  an original world!

Bubblegum pink and aquamarine combine  perfectly, like the yin and yang of the cold and  warm shades of optimism, summer sunsets  over the water of the sea …
Everything positive, optimistic; pink and  aquamarine, a combination that can only be  extremely joyful.

Juliette Karaguezoglou has created this Fruity and  Floriental fragrance which is a cocktail of sparkling  new ideas: The head notes of Pineapple, Apply and Blackcurrant  renew our vitality and fill us with energy. Its floral heart beats to the rhythm of Egyptian Jasmine,  Iris and a touch of Cocoa.
And at the base, good vibes with Patchouli from  Indonesia, Woody Amber, Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla. A combination that is brazen, optimistic, young and  full of life!!

The visual transmits this friendly and brazen  impudence; it is so striking and daring!
She smiles at the world, (smiling inside and outside)  and finds a new opportunity in everything. Her style is  causal, fresh and colourful. With absolutely no shame,
she cheekily holds the bottle of FRESH WORLD because  it is part of her life and to “blame” for her good mood.
Desigual FRESH WORLD is blatantly fun
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