PRESS RELEASES | May 04, 2018

FF Group: Announcement

«FOLLI-FOLLIE COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING AND TECHNICAL SOCIETE ANONYME», under the trade name «FF GROUP» hereby announces to its investors that today's Quintessential Capital Management publication is unsubstantial, false, slanderous and misleading, resulting in an immediate damage of both the Company's and its shareholders' interests.

The Company reserves the right to revert with a new announcement to the public, containing detailed information on the denial of the false information and data in that publication. The Company has already instructed its legal advisors to proceed with all necessary measures they deem  appropriate in order to protect the rights of the Company, its shareholders' and the public against any civil and/or criminal matters.
    Aug 09, 2019

    Links of London: New Collection Wildlife Charms

    From the flowers of ancient woodlands to birds found on windswept estuaries, the delicate beauty of the British countryside is captured in Links of London’s new Wildlife Charms collection of 12 species that are native to the UK.
    Apr 22, 2019

    Folli Follie: "Make her bloom. Happy Mother’s Day!"

    Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it’s high time to settle on that perfect gift that all moms around the world undoubtedly deserve. Discover the flower that will make her heart flourish all year round with the new jewellery collection by Folli Follie, Bloom Bliss.