PRESS RELEASES | Oct 24, 2017

Folli Follie: Metal Chic on Catwalk

The new minimal jewellery collection by Folli Follie, "Metal Chic", starred on catwalk, drawing the attention of the fabulous guests that attended the show.  Driving inspiration from the characteristic features of the new collection, such as its geometric aesthetics and metallic hues, Metal Chic gave a unique character to the breathtaking setting of the show.

The models emerged through an impressive metal whirlpool that was set up on the catwalk especially for the show. 450 fashion lovers (celebrities, influencers, fashion buyers, journalists and friends of the brand) had the chance to see first the new contemporary jewellery collection, that comes around style and in circles in the most elegant way. Two tone metal hoops, in the shades of gun color and gold, are uniquely interlinked to adorn statement necklaces, arty collars, minimal rings, geometrical cuffs, impressive bracelets and statement earrings.

The Metal Chic jewellery collection was elegantly combined with the designs of Parthenis, Vassilis Zoulias, Costarellos, Christina Economou, Celia D, Panos Apergis, MI-RO and Ioanna Kourbela, along with Dr Martens boots. Creative direction and set design was undertaken by Nikos Ifantis from FF Group, while Shiseido was the Official Makeup Sponsor of the 22nd Athens Xclusive Designers Week with Make-up Director Vaggelis Thodos.

The beautiful actress Klelia Αndriolatou, starring in the Folli Follie A/W2017-18 campaign, made an impression by closing the show with a unique look that caused a sensation.

Folli Follie's fashion show, as well as all backstage preparations, were broadcast live on Folli Follie's official account on Instagram, attracting the global interest of fashion aficionados.

Fashion in circles, style on top!

Production team:
Creative Direction: Nikos Yfantis 
Styling: Christianna Paloumpi, Eleni Panariti
Make-up: Shiseido, Make up Director Vaggelis Thodos    
Music: Giannis Kakavelakis 

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