PRESS RELEASES | Jul 27, 2016

Dolce&Gabbana Make Up: Blush of Roses Creamy Face Colour Collection

The formula

The new, creamy and lightweight formula glides smoothly on the skin and provides a radiant finish. Each of the new Creamy Face Colours can be mixed and built easily, blending with the skin for an effortlessly luminous, fresh and glowing effect. 

The new way to blush 
Create natural and healthy-looking skin with Dolce&Gabbana’s three-step application guide.

Step 1: Creamy Blush – Colours for healthy-looking cheeks 
Creamy Blush is for cheeks which radiate vitality and youth. Four shades designed to suit every skin tone - from the bright Rosa Aurora, to the delicate Rosa Calizia, the classic Rosa Carina, or the warm Rosa Alchimista. To achieve the effect of blushing, apply with fingertips on the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones. 

Step 2: Creamy Bronzer – Sculpt for glow
Evoke the warmth of the sun by sculpting a Mediterranean glow with the Creamy Bronzer in Rosa del Deserto, applied underneath the cheekbones and just below the chin. 

Step 3: Creamy Illuminator –– Lighten for radiance
Finish by blending the Creamy Illuminator in Rosa del Mattino along the top of the cheekbones, on the top of the eyes, cupids bow and down along the nose to lighten the face and create a radiant look. 

The Colours in the Collection
Rosa Aurora - bright orange shade inspired by clusters of the flower’s coral buds 
Rosa Calizia - delicate salmon pink shade inspired by flower’s softly folded petals 
Rosa Carina - pinky mauve shade inspired by this brightly coloured classic rose 
Rosa Alchimista - rich nude shade inspired by this large flowered climbing plant
Rosa del Deserto - sandy coloured brown shade inspired by the resilience of this desert bloom
Rosa del Mattino – pearly light shade inspired by the innocence of young buds 

The Packing
Each Creamy Face Colour is presented in a glossy black metal compact signed with the gold Dolce&Gabbana logo.  

The Campaign 
The collection comes to life in a campaign captured by photographer Tom Munro. Surrounded by beautiful flowers in a greenhouse setting, the model radiates a youthful glow as she captures the delicacy of the look. 

Product List
Creamy Blush in Rosa Aurora 10
Creamy Blush in Rosa Calizia 20 
Creamy Blush in Rosa Carina 30
Creamy Blush in Rosa Alchimista 40
Creamy Bronzer in Rosa del Deserto 50 
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