The Company's Board of Directors, is composed of eleven (11) members: 1 executive and 10 non-executive members. Out the non-executive members, five (5) of them have been elected by the Company's Shareholders General Meeting dated 10 September, 2019 as independent non executive members according to Law 3016/2002 on Corporate Governance. The term of the current Board of Directors ends on 24 June, 2021, extendable until the next ordinary General Meeting held after expiration of said term.

ABRAHAM GOUNARIS Chairman, non-executive member (Chairman of the Steering Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee)
GEORGE SAMIOS Chief Executive Officer, executive member (Steering Committee)
KONSTANTINOS AGGELOPOULOS independent non-executive member (Nomination and Remuneration Committee)
NICOLAS CANELLOPOULOS non-executive member (Nomination and Remuneration Committee)
NIKOS FALDAMIS independent non-executive member (Audit Committee)
GEORGE IOANNIDIS Vice President, non-executive member  
KONSTANTINOS KEFALOGIANNIS independent non-executive member (Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Steering Committee)
ANDREAS KOUTOUPIS non-executive member (Chairman of the Audit Committee)
GEORGIOS KYRIAKOS independent non-executive member (Steering Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee)
DIMITRIOS VALACHIS non-executive member
non-executive member

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