The activities of the FF Group extend to long-lasting charity initiatives throughout Greece and globally, covering the needs of schools, non-profit institutions and NGOs that involve children, the tenderest part of society as well as women. In addition, the FF Group continues to demonstrate its sensitivity to social solidarity issues that are not direct business actions but topics, which the company feels a great responsibility to bring to the public’s attention.
As for the rest of the world, the FF Group sponsors various charitable causes dedicated to public welfare, such as the Cancer Fund in Hong Kong, where it has been the major sponsor of the “Pink Revolution” campaign for a series of years.

In autumn 2009, Folli Follie designed and distributed internationally two limited edition bracelets in collaboration with the leading non-profit organisation “Save the Children”, and part of their proceeds was donated to support its remarkable activities.
During 2011 Folli Follie also supported the non-profit organization “The Art of Elysium” through the opening of the new Folli Follie boutiques in New York (Soho & Lord & Taylor). This organization was established in 1997 and its objective is to encourage working actors, artists and musicians to voluntarily dedicate their time and talent to children who are battling serious medical conditions. For this purpose, FF Group’s employees in New York were prompted to participate in the workshop that took place in the Hospital for Joint Diseases, by sharing their personal talents with these children. The works that were created in this workshop were presented during the opening of Folli Follie’s shop in shop at Lord & Taylor.
In Spain, Folli Follie actively supports the purposes for the last five years (2010-2014) of the “SOS Foundation” through the launch of a specially designed collection, and part of this collection proceeds were offered to the International “SOS Foundation”. In order to honour Mrs Ketty Koutsolioutsos, co-founder of Folli Follie, a department of a nursery that was built in Cangut Village in Senegal, was named as “Ketty’s Nursery”.
In 2013 and 2014, Folli Follie Greece joined forces with the non-profit association I LIVE FOR ME and designed a limited edition bracelet inspired by the association’s logo, the butterfly. Folli Follie and I LIVE FOR ME found in the face of Tonia Sotiropoulou, a famous Greek model/ actress, the ideal ambassador for this initiative.
Links of London is also an active participant of the FF Group’s social responsibility programs focused on Greek society and especially children. During 2008, the brand offered part of its “Friendship Bracelet” proceeds to the “Mazi gia to Paidi” non-profit organisation.
In 2010, Links of London also organized an ambassadors’ initiative, named “Sweetie… It’s all about you!”, to support the causes Links of London of “Make-A-Wish” foundation in Greece. Antigoni Drakoulakis, Calliope Karvounis, Sia Kossiones, Helena Kountouras, Katerina Lechou, Nina Lotsaris, Nantia Mpoule, Maria Naupliotou, Ioanna Pappas, Rea Toutountzi and Zeta Fountas accepted Links of London proposal and participated as the Goodwill Ambassadors in the successful Social Responsibility Campaign that was created
for this cause. The support towards the “Make-A-Wish” foundation continued for a second year through the collaboration with the renowned Greek singer Antonis Remos, who designed a friendship bracelet, profits of which were donated to the organization.
For three consecutive years (2010-2012) Links of London supported Make-A-Wish® foundation and created a limited edition handmade bracelet signed by Vicky Kaya, who is the Ambassador of Make-A-Wish® Greece. An important part of the bracelets’ sales proceedings were offered to Make-A-Wish®, with the aim to fulfill all the wishes of children from 3-18 years old, who suffer from serious illness and encourage them to continue fighting for their lives. The “Make-A-Wish” foundation sponsorship was completed with a major charity event, maximizing the impact of this great initiative.
In addition, Links of London created for the Fall/Winter 2011 collection 7 cord bracelets, each one of them representing activation against hunger throughout the world. Part of the bracelets proceeds were offered to FEED Foundation, a non-profit organization, which was formed by Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson and is dedicated to supporting programs and organizations that are effectively working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world. This activation was held with great success in the United Kingdom and the United States and set a good example to other countries where Links of London is present.
The close relationship that the FF Group has developed with Japan during the past 25 years led to actively demonstrating its support towards those affected by the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan on March 2011. Folli Follie brand donated 10% of global sales of the entire Heart4Heart Collection and Links of London 10% of the global sales of the classic Friendship Bracelet to support the Japanese Red Cross.
In December 2012, the FF Group supported the reconstruction of the building of Merimna, which is a nonprofit organization with the main goal of caring for children and families who are facing a serious illness, loss or death.
The FF Group takes great pride in the initiative of its employees based in Greece. During December 2013, an FF Group employee task force organized a three-day charity bazaar in which FF Group products were sold and the FF Group employees offered their services voluntarily. The FF Group Christmas Charity Bazaar lead to raising 80,000 €, all of which were offered to the organization “Mazi gia to Paidi”, reaching out to thousands of children in need in Greece.
During October 2015 the FF Group’s employees with the Management’s support organized the gathering of food, clothes, shoes, blankets and hygiene items in order to offer relief to refugees and people that are in a difficult socio-economic condition, supporting the Ark of the World and the Municipality of Athens. Additionally, the Group supported this initiative with the offering of 2,500 pair of shoes and 90 boxes with clothes.
During 2015, Factory Outlet helped the project of the Ark of the World and a visit to the center building of the organization in Athens, sealed a strong support relationship. Moreover, the Factory Outlet has undertaken entirely the completion of the Apiary in the border Ark of Pogoniani. The apiary has recently started operating and offering creative activities and opportunities for learning to the children that are hosted in the small village of Ioannina.
In June 2016 FF Group actively supported the social facilities of Lesvos Island with a donation of major importance.
Since the mid of November 2016 Folli Follie supports the Foundation Coeurs Pour Tous Hellas and its charity work for poor children with congenital or acquired heart diseases. Folli Follie in association with the Foundation Coeurs Pour Tous Hellas (CPTH) found in the face of Smaragda Karydi, Vasso Laskaraki, Katerina Papoutsaki and Katerina Geronikolou, the ideal Ambassadors. These well-known and beloved actors embraced gracefully with enthusiasm this initiative which aims to give hope to needy children and their families.
Part of the proceeds from all the purchases of Heart4Heart jewelry, watches and accessories will be offered to support the Foundation. The emblematic Folli Follie motif - consisting of 4 hearts - becomes a symbol of hope and the inspiration behind this initiative of unconditional love.
In 2018 FF Group supports for one year the association “Together for Children” and the operation of the “115 25 Counseling Helpline and Counseling Center”, which has helped over 7,000 people last year.