40WEFT is a new concept of fashion wear. Between casual and urban elegance between trendy and vintage, men and women clothes are created blending the tradition of good workmanship to the ease of a lived-in look, daring cuts, shapes, and treatments, that count also on the absolute quality of the materials and the excellent care of the details. Today, everything can be vintage, distressed style, trendy, fashion, and nothing really is.

The brand 40WEFT is free of any classification to go further, to redefine itself as an innovative and high level brand intended to demanding and updated customers. The brand is manufactured and distributed by BLACK SHEEP Spa, belonging to a group that, since 1957, operates in the market of fashion. The birth of 40WEFT in the mid-90s comes after a growth that was consolidated over the years, concerning the importance of the company at the international level and the technical expertise of its facilities.