On the day the doors to the first Western- style pharmacy in Japan opened in 1872, so did an epic story, one of a company that would grow, change and evolve for more than 140 years.

Every day since that first one, SHISEIDO has looked for new ways to do things that have never been done before – ways to make people look better, feel better and live better lives.

Chosen by founder Arinobu Fukuhara in 1872, the company’s name comes from the classical Chinese poem, I Ching, the Chinese book of Changes. SHI means resources, SEI means Life and DO means House. The three syllables still describe the values that SHISEIDO holds as a global organization today.

SHISEIDO is No1 cosmetics group in Asia and one of the oldest cosmetics company in the world, with 141 years of Research and Development, 9 Research Centers around the World and over 2500 patent registrations. In SHISEIDO caring for the skin involves caring for everything that affects it, on the inside and the outside. SHISEIDO’s researchers are constantly studying the human body and mind, how their functions impact the skin, and how these relationships can be mined to improve the skin’s beauty. Every SHISEIDO product, even makeup, is created with the skin’s best possible condition as the first priority.

However, the history of SHISEIDO is not merely a story about products and services; it is also a story of a company taking a broader perspective to also consider aspects of culture and lifestyle.

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